Security Dog Services

National Canine Security Ltd Recognizes the hazards of working with K9 security dogs. Only competent employees will be allowed to handle or control security dogs at National Canine Security Ltd work sites. The use of a well trained security dog and handler team not only minimizes the need for multiple statics but immediately adds to the deterrent value. The mere presence of a security dog patrol team will most likely deter any would be intruders. A security dog will alert his handler to the presence of an intruder enabling him to take the necessary steps to protect himself and his assignment and alert the authorities.

All of our K9 security dog teams are assessed by a qualified N.A.S.D.U assessor and their training adheres to B.S 8517-1 2016.


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Detection Dogs

National Canine Security ltd offer the full spectrum of security dog patrol and detection dog services. Highly experienced and ex-military detection dog teams and rigorous training of both dogs and handlers ensures the highest standards.