Fast Response

This type of service provides a cost effective security solution for your premises, regardless of your location throughout the UK National Canine Security Ltd can respond 365 days a year. We provide alarm response services including security dog patrol, where a mobile unit can be deployed upon being alerted to the activation of an alarm, a service that can complement both new and existing security systems. All of our vehicles are fitted with recording devices to aid in the gathering of evidence in real time.


Alarm Response Mobile k9 Security Patrols
K9 mobile security

Mobile Security Dog Patrols

Festivals, Concerts & Events
National Canine Security Ltd has the experience of providing dog handlers and security officers at festivals, concerts and events. Dog teams can act as a means of deterring fence jumpers but also to prevent narcotics, explosives and even firearms from entering the event.

Our security and detection dogs are highly experienced in these situations, as well as being trained under NASDU guidelines we will adhere to your guidance when illegal substances are found and can liaise with the Police if necessary. Our security officers are highly experienced in crowd management.

Deploying K9 security dogs at the perimeter of your event can reduce the number of stewards required and allow you to reduce the overall budget required to safeguardĀ  your event. Security dog patrols are also effective as a means of preventing packages from being thrown over the barriers. High-profile when you need it to be, and discreet once inside is often the best approach to security in this situation.