We are the K9 Security Experts

Offering the best K9 Security Durham businesses need right now.

National Canine Security is a family-owned, family-operated business. We offer professional canine security services, detection dog services and K9 patrol services to homes, neighbourhoods, and businesses in County Durham.

What We Do

National Canine Security employs both canines and their handlers to provide you with round-the-clock security. Our skilled dog handlers can detect intruders, track lost children in the woods, detect narcotics or explosives – all while keeping your property safe.

Why Choose Us?

Unlike most other security companies you’ll find on the internet, National Canine Security specializes in K9 patrol and detection dog services for the North East of England. In other words – we know what we’re doing.

What is Canine Security Durham?

National Canine Security is an established security services provider that offers a wide range of security dog handler, detection dog services and canine security patrol services. We have many repeat clients in Darlington, Hartlepool, Stockton-on-Tees and Durham.

K9 Security Durham, County Durham

We offer K9 Security Patrols in Durham County and the surrounding areas. Our highly trained Canine Patrol Officers are experienced in protecting property and personal safety against intruders.

Detectors for your business or home

Our detection dogs can sniff out drugs, explosives or any other prohibited substances from your premises. The detector dogs we use are trained to detect drugs or explosives from all source materials such as people, clothing, cash and vehicles. We also provide protection against pests such as rodents and insects using a variety of pest control methods including our hardy detection dogs.

Durham Guard Dogs and Sniffer Dogs

We offer K9 Security Patrols in Durham and across the whole of the Northern region for personal safety, protection against intruders and drug detection services too. Our search dog teams are trained to detect drugs on the street or inside premises.

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