A leading provider of K9 security for the most valuable properties

The National Canine Security team is an award-winning company providing historic building security and country estates guard dogs. Our trained guard dogs have a proven track record of deterring intruders and protecting private property.

Protection for Historic Buildings.

We have extensive experience and knowledge in securing properties of all types, both old and new.

Surveillance, Security, and Dogs

National Canine Security uses CCTV surveillance to deter criminal activity before it happens. We also provide guard dogs to protect properties from intruders, allowing you to focus on running your company without worrying about your property’s safety.

Why Choose National Canine Security?

With a team of expertly trained guard dogs and CCTV security equipment, we make sure that your home or business is safe day or night!

Security of Country Estates using Guard Dogs.

Country estates across the UK often benefit from our services, we provide security for country estates via guard dogs patrolling the grounds or even guard dogs patrolling inside the property or house.

CCTV Systems & Monitoring